Mapping Medievalisms

The 30th Annual Conference on Medievalism, October 2nd – 4th , 2015                                                       at the Doubletree Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA

Plenary Address by Susan Aronstein, University of Wyoming, author of Hollywood Knights: Arthurian Cinema and the Politics of Nostalgia, Medieval British Arthurian Narrative, and co-author of The Disney Middle Ages: A Fairy Tale and Fantasy Past. 

Each day we are flooded with increasingly dire predictions for the death of the humanities and the corporatization of the university, as politicians slash education funding and rail about the uselessness of the liberal arts. How, in this rapidly-shifting landscape, do we plot a course for medievalism studies, a (relatively) new but recently thriving field that depends so much on the institutions and ideas currently under attack?

The 30th anniversary of the International Conference on Medievalism is a perfect opportunity for investigation, self-reflection, and ‘mapping’ our field: assessing where we have been and plotting new courses and new territories to explore. Although we welcome all contributions on medievalism, we are especially interested in proposals that imagine redrawing the map of the university, the liberal arts, or the humanities through Medievalism Studies as well as those that forge new paths for Medievalism Studies through an alchemical mixture of old and new, combining the traditions of humanities research with the innovations that will help it to survive. Possibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Digital medievalisms
  • Medievalism and the university
  • Ecomedievalisms
  • Interdisciplinary medievalisms
  • Medievalism and iconic symbolism
  • Multi-genre medievalisms
  • A new ethics for medievalism
  • Medievalism and globalization
  • Geographical medievalisms
  • Medievalism and the new oligarchy
  • Serf’s Up! Medievalism and contingent faculty


We welcome both abstracts for 15-20 minute papers and proposals for sessions both traditional and innovative. Session proposals or abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent before June 15, 2015 to Lauryn Mayer at or to or to Amy Kaufman at

NEW! You may also submit your abstract proposal online via this FORM!


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