How it works

Participating in the Conference:

Because of continuing uncertainty over the Covid 19 pandemic, the conference will be all online using Zoom. Information on how to access and present at sessions will be made available to registered attendees shortly before the conference begins.


Registration will shortly be available via the registration page

We are still determining the level of registration fees as we draw up a budget for the conference, but are happy to be able to announce that, thanks to an anonymous benefactor, we will able to offer reduced fees or (hopefully) free attendance to graduate students, adjunct / precarious faculty, and the un- or under-employed.


Please send proposals for papers, sessions, and roundtables to

Please note the conference theme is a suggestion, not a mandate. We welcome proposals about all aspects of medievalism.

Individual papers: Include the title and your academic affiliation (if applicable). An abstract and brief bio are welcome but not essential. Papers should be 15-20 minutes long.

Sessions and roundtables: Please include the session title, titles of individual papers, and contact information and academic affiliation (if applicable) of all speakers.  Abstracts and brief speaker bios are welcome but not essential.

Sessions should have 3 or 4 speakers. Papers for three-speaker sessions should be 20 minutes in length; those for four-speaker sessions, 15 minutes long.

Roundtables should have 5 or more speakers. Aim for one hour’s talk and a half hour for questions; e.g. if there are five speakers, they should speak for no more than twelve minutes each. We encourage more “free form” exchange of ideas in roundtables, so speakers do not need to present formal papers.

We encourage a balance of speakers of different genders and backgrounds.