2021 Conference Registration

Everyone, regardless of fees, must register for the conference.


Registration is free for the following:

    • low income and local community members
    • students (of all levels)
    • independent scholars
    • upper level faculty (teaching teenagers)
    • lower level faculty (teaching children)
    • part-time college/university faculty
    • full time non-tenure-track college/university faculty.

Registration is $30 for full-time tenure-track faculty. 

How to Register 

There are two choices for registering:

1) Print the Registration Form and send it to:
ISSM 2021 Conference Registration
1961 Delta Rd
University Center, MI 48710
Attention: Cashier Office
Tenure-track faculty: send the form with a check for $30, payable to Delta College Cashier.


2) Complete the online form (below).
Tenure-track faculty:
call the Delta College Cashier’s Office to pay-by-phone: (+1) 989-686-9394 and then complete the form online. The office is open 8am-4.30pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm Friday (US Eastern Time).

Online payment is not available this year, sorry!

Donations Accepted

This year’s costs include keynote speaker and entertainment fees.  Please consider making a donation.